Treasures of the Waimakariri by Kate Jacob

Art On The Quay’s latest exhibition Treasures of the Waimakariri by Kate Jacob will delight the viewer with the delicately detailed drawings of local birds and plants.
Using oil based pencils, Kate reveals the natural beauty  that we see around us. As the illustrator of the Tuhaitara Coastal Park’s recently published Field Guide, (in fact some of the drawings on sale at the gallery can be found in the guide) Kate uses her highly honed drawing skill to faithfully reproduce every feather, foot, bud or branch depicted in her exquisite pictures.
Opening night saw five of her masterpieces red dotted and sold. Buyers have four weeks to view the exhibition which closes on the 16th September.
Pukeko, wrybill, paradise ducks, and fantail are some of the birds chosen as subjects and they are accompanied with plants such as akeake and harakeke.IMG_6091

About the Artist.

Born in England in 1972 Kate Jacob moved to New Zealand with her husband and two children eight years ago.  She studied History and Art at Roehampton Institute of Higher Education in London and gained a Bachelor of Arts degree.  Her first job was arranging other people’s exhibitions in an Arts Centre.  After starting a family, she took up painting portraits of houses and village scenes and selling them at craft fairs.

After moving to New Zealand Kate did a course in Botanical drawing in Rangiora and was introduced to the Oil pencils she now uses.  A relationship with Tuhaitara Coastal Park led to the creation of the field guide which led to this exhibition.

About the medium.

Kate uses Faber Castel Polychromos pencils to produce her work.  The oil based pigments mean the colours are not only rich but are blendable and give one the opportunity to produce iridescent effects.  Incredibly sharp points allow for minute details to be rendered.  Smooth paper means the grain does not interfere with the image so almost photographic effects can be created.

All works are original.

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