The Art of Recovery ( art of Christchurch post quake) a Film Festival movie

The Art of Recovery ( art of Christchurch post quake) a Film Festival movie that is showing at Rangiora tonight 3rd September night with a Q and A session by the film maker Peter Young. .

Pete’s doing a Q&A after the screening in Rangiora on Thursday at 8.05pm. this is a link to The Town Hall Cinemas web page where they can see other session times.

The Art of Recovery Ex

from chaos comes creativity

When a series of massive earthquakes shakes Christchurch to its foundations, amid the ruins and continuing aftershocks a vibrant community-led movement emerges, empowering the people and creating a promising future for a dynamic new city.
Several years later, amongst the flattened rubble, Central Government and big business have arrived. Their corporate driven, precinct based, urban plan is being imposed on the people and the foundations are going down. In the next year a new Christchurch will arise but whose city will it be and will the creative energy that brought this barren wasteland back to life be a part of its future?
From Christchurch’s own Award Winning Director Peter Young, THE ART OF RECOVERY documents one of the most dynamic, creative and contentious times in the history of Christchurch, a city brought to its knees and now at a crucial crossroad as it transitions from post-quake ruins to recovery.  
Response from the ground:
“Beautiful… Powerful … Compelling… A genuine story of hope.
Peter Young does an outstanding job of capturing the small but significant signs of hope and happiness” – 5 STARS – Chris Lynch – NewstalkZB
“Just pure joy to watch…5 STARS!” – Vicki Buck
“A really beautiful film, well told, well crafted” – Michelle Bradford
“Lets hope the men in suits who planned the city in 100 days make room for creativity and community and the art that comes with it” – Kate White
“Another great piece of filming pete well done” – Alwyn Clarke
“Made me feel like I live in a very special place….  moving and inspiring” – Emma Johnson 
“The power of many small things, eh? People, please see this film” – Coralie Winn
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