Tim Stephenson – Hope- shining a light in the dark

Hope- shining a light in the dark.

Tim Stephenson Bio:

Tim Stephenson

Tim Stephenson

Born 1963 in Wellington New Zealand, Tim Graduated from Wellington School of Design in industrial design in 1984. Tim worked as a freelance designer for almost all of his career. His work ranged widely, including television production design and art direction, shopfitting, museum design, graphics and design for promotions and events.  Most of that work has involved creating a vision within a frame. Be it a viewfinder, window or stage. Tim is always looking at what makes the world and people tick. He has exhibited a number of times but not since pulling an exhibition out on Sept 4th, 2010

Artist Statement:

As many of us have, I have had some challenging times; deaths of loved ones, earthquakes and a recent spinal cord injury. Sometimes that can lead to some dark times when life is uncertain and confusing. That is when hope becomes so important. Often hope is the only thing that keeps our head above water and what turns a bad day to a good one. There are many aspects to hope and I only briefly touch on a few of them here.

This body of work is largely drawn from work done since my last exhibition in 2010. While I had intended to create work specifically for the exhibition I found that I had many works that conveyed the message I wanted to tell.

I find that photography is much more than a creative medium. The act of taking an image with an intention in mind often provides much, much more than a record of what is in front of the camera. There is often a surprising amount of other information there. Things to learn from, wisdom, a connection with a higher source. To that end, I often use in camera techniques, slow shutter, motion, multiple exposure to allow that to happen.

Hope- shining a light in the dark

About editions

Limited edition

Works are signed, dated and numbered but are limited to a set number in this case seven prints. That is not to say that seven have been produced.

Signed and numbered series

Works are signed, dated and numbered as they are produced. The artist keeps a record of the number of prints produced. Often there will only be a small number of prints made so to have one of only three may be better.

In both cases if a single image in this exhibition has a red dot another print will be available so please ask.