Local Artists

Here is a list of local artists in the Waimakariri district:

Christine Watton

Christine is currently living, working and creating in Kaiapoi. She comes from a teaching background, but is presently commissioned in a marketing capacity when she is not creating artworks. Her artistic passions lie within the realms of abstract expressionism and photography. Christine’s preference is to convey more of what she feels than she sees, making her work rather spontaneous, largely unplanned, and a welcome relief from considered responses expected in daily living. While Christine enjoys most styles of painting it is abstract art where she derives most satisfaction from, usually beginning with a random under-painting allowing the finished mixed media piece to evolve. This process may take a while and she usually has many works on the go at one time, waiting for the next layer of each piece to reveal itself. There is a sense of joy in Christine’s work that comes from an unplanned journey, as the finished artwork slowly evolves, with layer at a time revealing itself through to completion.

Christine is represented by Art Box, Papanui and McAtamney Gallery, Geraldine.

Art Box Gallery


Carol Moffatt is a New Zealander living in Kaiapoi, North Canterbury, New Zealand.  She has painted in the water colour medium for several years.

In the last 7 years she has attended the Mitchell School of the Arts Summer and Winter Schools at Charles Sturt University, Australia. Through these workshops she has concentrated on technique, inspired by Alvaro Castegnet, Joseph Zbukvic, Herman Pekel and Amanda Hyatt .

In 2013 Carol had her first solo exhibition at the Culverden Art Gallery in North Canterbury.  Private buyers have also showed interest and purchased her water colours as well.

Most of Carol’s paintings and inspiration comes from the Canterbury landscapes. This includes flowers which emerge from the earthquaked landscape.  Her studio is situated at her home and she welcomes visitors by appointment.

The world around me is where I draw my ideas and inspiration from.  Trees, mountains and water together with plants and flowers that live in the environment create my water colour world.  The Canterbury environment is blessed with all these attributes and I feel privileged to live and paint in it.”


Brent & Shirley Cairns – NakedArt sculptures from live models

“The sculpture reveals the skillful adaptation of the medium, making full use of your ability to manipulate the technology in order to clearly express your concept. The body of work exhibits a monumental presence, as well as, a reverence for the human form.” Brent and Shirley are the creators of the life-size sculptures..each taken by making a mold from a live model. They work in various mediums the likes of slump fused glass, aluminum, bronze and gypsum. Their sculptures are in museums and private collections in 15 different countries and they are represented by galleries throughout New Zealand and Australia, for details send an email to info@foreveryoung.co.nz

They have a gallery and studio in Cass Street Kaiapoi, which you are welcome to visit, to avoid disappointment call first (03) 327-006



Ruby Whitty – Unicorn Art Studio

Art has always been a passion of mine. As a child I loved to draw and paint – it was an escape.
As life went on: marriage, having twins and emigrating to New Zealand from the UK took over and there was little time for pencils and brushes.
It is now that I have time to begin my journey……..
I started with Folk Art, I loved the specialized brushes and clean lines and shading required. I then tried applying these disciplines to canvas and board using a variety of mediums. Favouring Acrylics.
As I have not had any formal training, I try to imagine the finished painting then work out how to do it.
I gain inspiration from many sources: nature, glass, fruit, flowers, landscapes, buildings and historical landmarks to name a few. But I am always willing to try something new – go in a different direction.
I have recently produced a collection of unusual abstract works called ‘Industrial Chaos’ inspired from childhood memories of my brother’s profession as a tool maker.
This has led me to even more abstract works, which I am enjoying very much but I still love to paint landscapes and still life.
I am actively involved with the Rangiora Art Society and am President of the Kaiapoi Creative Arts section of the KWMC.
Local exhibitions are the main avenue where I present my work. These are wonderful opportunities to network with other creative people in my community. Of which there are many.
I am available for commission work.
I feel incredibly blessed that I am able to express myself by way of a brush. The journey so far has taught me a lot about myself and everyday I look forward to what it brings creatively.

ph: 033279571   www.rubywhittyart.com   unikorn2@ihug.co.nz

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