Favourites 2019

Favourites is always the fun event where a range of local residents provide an insite into their art collections… This is probably our most eclectic mixture of art thus far…  

See you at Art on the Quay

Art on the Quay latest exhibition “Visualizing Effect”, paintings by Kathy-Lee Dixon

Connected – New exhibition at Art on the Quay

The new exhibition at Art on the Quay is titled “Visualizing Effect”, and is paintings by Kathy-Lee Dixon.

Kathy-Lee Dixon is a Fine Arts Graduate having completed

her BFA (Hons) at the University of Auckland, Elam School

of Fine Arts. Kathy-Lee’s art is one of disclosure, using life

events as inspiration for her creativity. Her multi-disciplinary

practice offers a range of mixed media works from drawing,

painting, textile/soft sculptures and art installation.

Kathy-Lee’s art practice questions ‘what gives a domestic

place its specificity ~ being the quality of belonging or

relating uniquely to a subject or space.’

Kathy-Lee’s interest expands into the psychology of self and

identity, investigating intransitive activities and the tensions

that occur between thought, perception and visualising


KYDz Youth Art Exhibition

An Art Exhibition with the theme ‘Kiwiana Summer Holiday’ organised by KYDz (Kaiapoi Youth Divisonz).

Participating schools; St Patricks, Kaiapoi North and Kaiapoi Borough Schools.

The exhibition will be on display in Art on the Quay, which is inside the Kaiapoi Library, from December 21st 2018 – February 6th 2019.

A must see over the Christmas holidays!

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Lisa Powers – Silence, Stillness, Solitude

Lisa Powers – Silence, Stillness, Solitude
Latest exhibition is on show at the Art on the Quay gallery in the Kaiapoi library

Tell us about what sort of preparation went into your current show?

I started planning the show the minute the title came to me.  Everything seemed to fall into place from there.  Nearly all the images are either completely new, or re-worked. I started a series of still-life photographs of flowers, which I hadn’t done before.  I experimented with the different shades of Cyanotype, and   I named the series, “Even Flowers get the Blues”.  I developed a sepia colour that has an underlay of gold that I really like for my vintage-look images.

My helpers are always my faithful kitties. We work well together, and they remind me to take breaks. Otherwise, I’d work straight through days and nights.

I feel satisfied with the images I selected. I was anxious and fearful at the prospect of a solo exhibition, but as with anything else, I immersed myself in the work, and soon saw the exhibition taking shape.  An artist friend said to “imagine it finished, and it will be done!”  Good advice.

Art on the quay

Art on the quay