KAIAPOI – A Different Perspective.

KAIAPOI – A Different Perspective.
Kaiapoi Creative Arts Group

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KAIAPOI – A Different Perspective. Kaiapoi Creative Arts Group

KAIAPOI – A Different Perspective.
Kaiapoi Creative Arts Group

IMG_1922Participating Members for this exhibition are
Lyn Walls, Bev and Denis Thorpe, Ross and Lorraine Andrew, Pat Ellis, Elaine Stobbe, Jane Mundy, Margaret Fletcher, Mel Radford, Gaye McKenzie, Ruby Whitty and Christine Watton.

The intention of this exhibition is to challenge the viewer to see everyday objects and scenes from their local community in a different way or light.
Each member has used their chosen medium and represented their subject matter in a fashion which may require some degree of interpretation from exhibition attendees.

Many forms of abstractions and varying viewpoints have been utilised by the KCA members to achieve our objective.
We gratefully acknowledge the tutorage of Rob McDowall, Maxine Burney and Galina Kim and their skills they imparted specifically for this exhibition.

The Kaiapoi Creative Arts Group meets every Thursday morning at the Kaiapoi Club 9.30am – 12pm.They enjoy a social atmosphere of sharing artistic interests and skills plus organise art outings and tutorials. We are always looking for new members. For more information contact Ruby Whitty 03 3279571

Art on the Quay website – https://artonthequay.com

Tim Stephenson – Hope- shining a light in the dark

Hope- shining a light in the dark.

Tim Stephenson Bio:

Tim Stephenson

Tim Stephenson

Born 1963 in Wellington New Zealand, Tim Graduated from Wellington School of Design in industrial design in 1984. Tim worked as a freelance designer for almost all of his career. His work ranged widely, including television production design and art direction, shopfitting, museum design, graphics and design for promotions and events.  Most of that work has involved creating a vision within a frame. Be it a viewfinder, window or stage. Tim is always looking at what makes the world and people tick. He has exhibited a number of times but not since pulling an exhibition out on Sept 4th, 2010

Artist Statement:

As many of us have, I have had some challenging times; deaths of loved ones, earthquakes and a recent spinal cord injury. Sometimes that can lead to some dark times when life is uncertain and confusing. That is when hope becomes so important. Often hope is the only thing that keeps our head above water and what turns a bad day to a good one. There are many aspects to hope and I only briefly touch on a few of them here.

This body of work is largely drawn from work done since my last exhibition in 2010. While I had intended to create work specifically for the exhibition I found that I had many works that conveyed the message I wanted to tell.

I find that photography is much more than a creative medium. The act of taking an image with an intention in mind often provides much, much more than a record of what is in front of the camera. There is often a surprising amount of other information there. Things to learn from, wisdom, a connection with a higher source. To that end, I often use in camera techniques, slow shutter, motion, multiple exposure to allow that to happen.

Hope- shining a light in the dark

About editions

Limited edition

Works are signed, dated and numbered but are limited to a set number in this case seven prints. That is not to say that seven have been produced.

Signed and numbered series

Works are signed, dated and numbered as they are produced. The artist keeps a record of the number of prints produced. Often there will only be a small number of prints made so to have one of only three may be better.

In both cases if a single image in this exhibition has a red dot another print will be available so please ask.

Reflections of Blue, is an exhibition of paintings on the theme of water by Nikki Kutyn


Nikki Kutyn-2

A Graduate of Fine Arts, University of Canterbury, Nikki says “I wanted the work the work for this exhibition to some how reflect Kaiapoi and its community and one thing that is happening right now is the rehabilitation of Kaiapoi’s river.

“Water plays an important part in the Kaiapoi community with us being connected with a coastal front, the estuary and then the river. So I thought it was only fitting to show works relating to water and in the gallery right by the river, Art on the Quay.”







Nikki Kutyn NC News

Toni Duffy’s exhibition ‘Re-Collections’

Toni Duffy’s exhibition ‘Re-Collections’ is showing at Art On The Quay until July 12.

Her oil paintings interpret the wilderness of New Zealand with subtle plays of colour while her figurative work suggests an other-worldliness and mystery.

Toni says,” My aim is to capture the essence of a place or person.

I aim to scratch the surface and paint how I feel about the subject through my own experiences. I don’t want to reproduce images but interpret what I see and feel.”IMG_0960

Favourites 2017

Another stunning exhibition of favourite works from local art-lovers’ collections. Photos by Jackie Watson
Visit this exhibition at Art on the Quay in the Kaiapoi LibraryDSCF9252 DSCF9247 DSCF9244 DSCF9251 DSCF9241 DSCF9239 DSCF9238 DSCF9237 DSCF9232

Neville Sinclair – Magnet for the Mind

Art and maths normally have little in common, but Neville Sinclair of Scargill has spent much of the last twenty-five years creating paintings inspired by numbers.

Magnet for the Mind at Kaiapoi’s Art On The Quay is an exhibition featuring his mathematical masterpieces, which depict geometric shapes and patterns more commonly seen in textbooks. Until 8th March.

Opening night images by Ann Worthy Stephenson

AWorthy_Jan26_17_175204 AWorthy_Jan26_17_175354 AWorthy_Jan26_17_175430 AWorthy_Jan26_17_175528 AWorthy_Jan26_17_175557 AWorthy_Jan26_17_181011 AWorthy_Jan26_17_181041 AWorthy_Jan26_17_181101 AWorthy_Jan26_17_181121 AWorthy_Jan26_17_181829 AWorthy_Jan26_17_182238 AWorthy_Jan26_17_182342 AWorthy_Jan26_17_182602 AWorthy_Jan26_17_182930

Variations on Still Life by Kaiapoi Creative Arts

Variations on Still Life by Kaiapoi Creative Arts.
aworthy_nov17_16_175411 aworthy_nov17_16_1804571 aworthy_nov17_16_1807416 aworthy_nov17_16_181940-25

In as many different media as possible. The result is a range of materials used from felting to painting and everything in between.
Guest artist Galina Kim used acrylics in a traditional still life composition that has instant appeal, but it is the more unusual felted sculpture, cross stitch and photography that deserve a closer look, revealing a painstaking dedication and hours of work to create these masterpieces.
Pay a visit to Art On The Quay to catch this exhibition before it closes on December 15.

Thank you to Ann Worthy for the photos

Rangiora Pottery Group is showing the work of 12 potters

Rangiora Pottery Group is showing the work of 12 potters from the group at Art On The Quay’s latest exhibition, Pottery Plus until 17th November.img_7517-version-2
As well as all types of ceramics from thrown work and slabwork the exhibits show a range of firing techniques too.
The Plus part of the show refers to the other arts and crafts that are practised by this talented group including tapestry, sculpture, paintings and pastel.
Ruth Stanton McLeod’s delicate orange and black raku pots were admired by many at the opening night as were the salt glazed bowls of Les Taylor and the shino glazed boxes by Andrew Carran.
Adam Robertshaw’s white glazed abstract forms reflect the influence of his recent trip to Japan.
The Club, the only one in North Canterbury, was formed some 48 years ago in 1968 by a keen group who built their own kilns, dug their own clay from Okuku Bullock Creek and Kakahu which they somehow managed to blend into a suitable stoneware clay that could be thrown and fired.
“What an achievement and how lucky we are today as all we need is a phone call away,” says potter Les Taylor.