Art on the Quay latest exhibition “Visualizing Effect”, paintings by Kathy-Lee Dixon

Connected – New exhibition at Art on the Quay

The new exhibition at Art on the Quay is titled “Visualizing Effect”, and is paintings by Kathy-Lee Dixon.

Kathy-Lee Dixon is a Fine Arts Graduate having completed

her BFA (Hons) at the University of Auckland, Elam School

of Fine Arts. Kathy-Lee’s art is one of disclosure, using life

events as inspiration for her creativity. Her multi-disciplinary

practice offers a range of mixed media works from drawing,

painting, textile/soft sculptures and art installation.

Kathy-Lee’s art practice questions ‘what gives a domestic

place its specificity ~ being the quality of belonging or

relating uniquely to a subject or space.’

Kathy-Lee’s interest expands into the psychology of self and

identity, investigating intransitive activities and the tensions

that occur between thought, perception and visualising


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