43 NZ Authors Portrait Photography by Maja Moritz

Photography is telling stories without words.
It is about expressing feelings, often unspoken feelings.
It is about the search for the essence of a moment.
Fleeting, ephemeral, personal, somehow intimate without intimacy,
an impression of spirit.
The title ‘NZ Authors’ reflects the working title of my assignment.AuthorMosaic_300dpi
The German press agency, dpa picture alliance, asked me to photograph NZ authors
present at the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany as New Zealand was the
Guest of Honour that year. There was no particular selection, I just tried to meet with
as many of the authors who were appointed to go as possible.
Having worked as a photojournalist for a number of decades,
my journalistic storytelling view of people and situations also played its part
in the way this production was realized.

In connection with this exhibition Maja is offering a workshop about portrait photography:


Wednesday 10 February, 2.30 – 5 pm
Art On The Quay – Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre

Cost $30 per person

Please register by email to majamoritz@aol.com
This workshop offers an introduction and insights about the secrets of portrait photography. Some deeper understanding of your own photography can be gained, including meaning and message, and for example the ability of weaving a story into your pictures. Learning to make your images a reflection of what you perceive is as important as your connection to your model!
We will include technical aspects like how to make effective use of the existing light or how to create your own little mobile studio and light setting and other creative options. We will look at how to best work with your model and what is important for interviewing and directing your model in an appropriate and effective way. The choice of location or set up is also an important factor and will be discussed.

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