Faces behind the “Favourites” Exhibition

Thank you to the owners who were photographed with their artworks, which they kindly loaned to “Art on the Quay” for the Favourites exhibition:

We would love for people to post a comment below, letting us know which is your favourite.

Blackwells Brent and Shirley Dan Elevated image Fenwicks Ian McNish Joan Mark Maureen 1 Michael Speech Still life Sue Sutherlands Wide Angle 2

Fanfare coming home

fanfare-20insituAs you drive into Christchurch, I am sure you will have been noticing the work being done in readiness for the Fanfare sculpture:

Fanfare, by renowned sculptor Neil Dawson, was originally hung from the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a feature of the 2005 New Year Celebrations.  It has now been gifted to Christchurch by the City of Sydney and Scape Public Art are raising funds to install it at Chaney’s Corner.  It will be an amazing sight – as we in North Canterbury come off the Waimakariri Bridge, it will be right there – it will also be prominent as we drive on the Main North Road from the old bridge.


Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre

From Libraries – Phillippa Ashbey
Awards Nomination – The Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre is receiving a steady number of visitors and a great deal of positive feedback. The building, itself, has been nominated for a Canterbury Institute of Architects Award and a national judging panel toured the building yesterday as part of the awards process.

Art on the Quay – The next exhibition at Art On The Quay is a collection of artworks owned by members of the Kaiapoi community.Members of the community have been asked to lend a favourite work of art for the month of April. 30 works will be on display. And, in a great new initiative, an Art On The Quay website has been launched. See: http://artonthequay.com/
Chamber Gallery – Rangiora Library visitors are enjoying “The Journey”, an exhibition of painting by Padi Nistala-James. The artist was born in Vizag, India, has travelled widely and is now resident in the Waimakariri District. This vibrant show will run until 23 April 2015.
Kaiapoi Library –11,393 books were borrowed from the new Kaiapoi Library in February (The first full month of operation after opening on 17 January 2015). By comparison, the average monthly issues at the Temporary Library had been running at 5,642.

Favourites. An exhibition of favourite art works from local art lovers. 31st March – 24th April.

Favourites. An exhibition of favourite art works from local art lovers. 31st March – 24th April.

This is an amazing eclectic mix of artwork, including works by:

Bill Hammond is a New Zealand artist. Hammond attended the School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury from 1966 to 1969, and has worked as a full-time painter since 1981.

Rachel Harré has been an exhibiting artist since 1985, graduating from The School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury in Printmaking. Rachel went on to exhibit paintings which mainly focused on the Canterbury landscape. Rachel has used some of the same techniques of woodcut and etching in her wall relief tiles and sculptures.

Frank Malone has been a full-time potter since 2001 and in that time has explored new avenues of expression which can be seen in his coil and slab vessels, and sculptural works.

Beverley Griffiths – The human form whether in it’s natural state, at leisure, or simply going about it’s everyday business, has always provided me with an abundance of material and I never lose interest in finding new and challenging ways to portray this. I also have a keen desire to add New Zealand’s hill forms into my body of work.

Plus many more, this is a must see exhibition, running between 31st March – 24th April.

Let us know by sending a message below telling us what favourite is YOUR favourite

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The Kaiapoi Art Expo

The Kaiapoi Art Expo is a 2-day exhibition of Waimakariri Art to be held Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 July 2015 at the Kaiapoi Club, Raven Quay. All disciplines of art are welcome.

More information about the Expo can be found by visiting www.kaiapoiartexpo.co.nz

Applications are now open to exhbiit and attached is an application form.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Many thanks

Theresa Smith (Stevens)
Kaiapoi Art Expo Coordinator

M | 021 659 127
E | info@kaiapoiartexpo.co.nz
W | www.kaiapoiartexpo.co.nz

Still Here / Cosmo Kentish-Barnes

Cosmo Kentish Barnes

Exhibition closes on 28th March
Over the past few months Cosmo has been surveying the red zoned, earthquake damaged areas of Kaiapoi. This has motivated him to produce a series of photographs of exiled residents in front of their red stickered homes, or the empty sites where their houses once stood.

He is inspired by the formal approach 19th century New Zealand photographers had towards family portraits and is transferring his feelings for this aesthetic into modern day family portraiture.

The juxtaposition of the residents, in front of their damaged properties, aims to communicate a sense of family unity against the odds, in this case the earthquakes. Many 19th century family portraits also emphasised the importance of family unity rising above the hardships of the day.
The participants in this exhibition represent a cross section of a community who lost their homes, but not their spirits. Each portrait is accompanied by a first person account of life since the first earthquake struck.

Cosmo used a Panasonic GH3 camera and a Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 prime lens.